Extended Day Enrichment Program

Introducing Circle Academy Extended Day implemented by Nexus Learning, which provides each parent tracking of their child’s academic needs. Nexus Learning is an innovative educational system specifically designed for extended day programs. Our programs are aligned with the Department of Educations’ standards taught in school, to ensure a consistent learning environment.

At Circle Academy, the foundation of our program is the understanding that all children are individuals and therefore, excel when they learn at their own pace. The Nexus Learning platform is an extension of this belief. By providing children with an education plan that is individualized, we are not only bridging the gap between at school and extended day education, but allowing and encouraging the children to thrive with individualized learning. Parents and teachers are able to track the student’s progress as well as their strengths and weaknesses with this cutting edge program. Additionally, parents and teachers will receive real-time updates, academic standards and even preventative notifications about the children’s progress.

First and foremost the children receive homework help, ensuring your child comes home from their school day homework free, allowing for quality family time at home without the pressures of schoolwork. The program’s academic component also includes science, math, writing and reading, all of which are Common Core aligned. Within this curriculum, the children are learning Phonics, Grammar, Common Core Math as well as Basic Test Prep.

In addition to the academics, the children participate in a variety of enrichment activities, such as Martial Arts, Dance, Mandarin Chinese Language Instruction, and Music. The children also participate in STEM activities including Robotics & Coding (game designing).Varies by site.

Please check with your school’s administrator.